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Tips for not eating everything in your kitchen

Posted on 1/12/2009 10:00:00 PM by TeleworkChick

In my days at the Office, I was able to lose over 80 lbs. One of the main reasons for that great a weight loss was the fact that I packed my lunch, and all my snack food, every day. I made sure I only ate what I brought. It was controlled. I lost weight. It was great.
Now that I work from home, I might as well work in a "everything's free" grocery store.
I've gained back at least 50 lbs of the 88 I worked so hard to lose. And mostly, this is because I work about 100 feet away from my own kitchen.
I'm also an emotional eater, so if I'm having a bad day, instead of spending money on a "just this one time" Office cafeteria trip, I'm standing at my refrigerator, grazing from the top shelf to the bottom.
I've made an effort to curb my eating habits at home in order to lose weight, so here are a few tips:

  • Pack a lunch/snacks. If it worked for the office, it can work at home too. Put your lunch in a special spot in the fridge, a cooler, or set it aside otherwise to separate it from your other fridge food. Eat only what you pack for yourself, even on a bad day.
  • Keep a food log. If you have to cross the doorway to your office with food, write it down. The art of writing it may shock you later when you see how much you eat all day.
  • Eat only at preset times. There are widgets and gadgets for the desktop of your choice that you can use as alarms to alert you when you have chosen to eat. They say "mini meals" are helpful to curb hunger, so set an alarm clock to ring for your next well deserved break and a munchie.
  • Lock up the bad stuff during the day. Even a simple ribbon reminder on the door handle of the cabinet or fridge will be a cue to you that you're trying to cut back.
  • Post-IT Note your way to wellness. Stick those sticky notes up on the monitor of your PC and fridge to warn you off of making a bad choice. Mine always said "What NEED are you trying to fill? Make a better choice!"
There's a weight loss plan for everyone, but staying out of your kitchen when you work at home is very hard. Having a few tricks up your sleeve may help increase productivity by keeping you focused on your job, and not on the fridge!